In the Zone | On-Site Live Show

The Zone

The Zone was a live show recapping news and insights from the 2023 World Bank Group– IMF Spring Meetings. Throughout the Spring Meetings, the live show streamed on World Bank social media channels (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn) at selected times, summarizing all the week’s events and highlighting high-level interviews. Guests included global leaders, activists, entrepreneurs, youth ambassadors, civil society, and development experts who discussed climate change, food security, health, education, and more.

Each broadcast of the live show was a 30-minute production, set in the bustling Atrium environment of the World Bank’s headquarters. The complexity of the project lay in the seamless coordination of a well-lit multicam arrangement, an impeccable sound setup, managing the playback of graphics/clips, and multiple staging changes while live. 

This was further compounded by the presence of various guests whose individual requirements and scheduling changes had to be seamlessly integrated into the live show. The project demanded a meticulous level of planning and technical finesse to ensure a flawless live streaming experience, and it was executed accordingly. 

Approach and Solutions

All these elements combined to form our comprehensive approach to this live streaming project. The success of our approach lay in our ability to turn these complex requirements into an engaging and high-quality live streaming experience.

For camera we used 3x Canon C100s. Cameras were routed through an ATEM production studio for live switching, then sent to Ecamm for seamless video playback, graphics/lower thirds, and integration with Restream. From Restream it was sent off to social media channels.  

Sound was another crucial element, and to ensure optimal audio quality, we relied on the Rodecaster Pro for audio mixing. This helped us balance sound levels, manage various audio sources, and apply sound effects as necessary, ensuring flawless audio quality. 

In the weeks leading up to the event, we worked closely with the World Bank’s IT team to ensure we had exclusive bandwidth to host the streams in a crowded environment. We set up dedicated 10GB ethernet connections with a failsafe backup and underwent rigorous testing to ensure there would be no interruptions during the broadcast.


The Zone successfully attracted and engaged a global audience in crucial dialogues on global development. Garnering over 17,000 views across various platforms, it demonstrated the effectiveness of our multi-platform approach in reaching a diverse audience.

The smooth conduct of the event, free of technical glitches, showcased our technical proficiency in managing digital events. This seamless execution enhanced viewer engagement and enriched the quality of the discussions.

The Zone merged insightful content with cutting-edge technology and audience engagement tactics. This successful combination not only raised awareness but also fostered meaningful discourse on key global development topics, highlighting the potential of digital events to drive impactful conversations globally.