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Behind the Mission

Say hello to “Behind the Mission,” a LinkedIn Live video series that was produced in partnership with the World Bank’s corporate Human Resources team. 
The objective of this series was to provide a firsthand view into the intricacies of international development work, allowing audience members to ask questions and get a first-hand feel as to what it felt like to work at the institution. In doing so, the series tackled topics like gender, race, inclusion, disabilities and the unique challenges associated with operations in fragile and conflict-affected states.


The series comprised of 15 live episodes with a moderator and guests (World Bank staff) facilitating a conversation around important issues, allowing a space for those staff to interact with viewers and answer any questions in real time. We coordinated a detailed pre-production phase that involved understanding the content scope, preparing staff for live interaction, and setting up the necessary virtual event technology for each guest to facilitate live streaming and to make sure they looked their best.

To sidestep the conventional “Zoom look”, the approach was to integrate custom graphics, titles, and live audience comments and reactions into the video stream. The live comments added an interactive element that made the audience a central part of the conversation. Working in close collaboration with graphic designers, we created unique and engaging visuals that significantly elevated the presentation of the series.

Challenges (And Solutions)

In response to the global pandemic, we utilized the power of digital platforms to conduct the entire series in a fully virtual environment. This approach advantageously enabled us to include guests from different parts of the world, thereby enriching the discussions with a wide variety of perspectives and locations.

By utilizing these strategies, we were able to transform the traditional online meeting aesthetic into a more vibrant and engaging visual experience. The integration of custom graphics and live comments not only improved the series’ production value but also increased viewer engagement, leading to more dynamic and enriching discussion.We were also able to introduce ASL interpretation into the show, creating a more accessible and diverse space for all audiences members to tune in.


“Behind the Mission” was received by a sizeable audience, tallying hundreds of thousands of views across LinkedIn and YouTube. The series successfully facilitated open dialogue about working in international development and related challenges. The live format allowed direct audience engagement, leading to a more comprehensive understanding of the discussed topics.

Through “Behind the Mission,” we were able to offer insights into international development work and stimulate meaningful conversations around significant development issues. This case serves as a clear example of our ability to produce relevant and engaging video content, especially during a time period that required constant adaptation and innovation.